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Timothy John Berners studied physics at Oxford University and became a software engineer.

While working at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva, he first described the concept of a global system, based on the concept of 'hypertext', that would allow researchers anywhere to share information. He also built a prototype called 'Enquire'.

In 1984, Berners Lee's returned to CERN, which was also home to a major European Internet node. In 1989, Berners Lee published a paper called 'Information Management: A Proposal' in which he married up hypertext with the Internet, to create a system for sharing and distributing information not just within a company, but globally.

He named it the World Wide Web and we all went wild.

Vital Statsistics:


1972Emanuel School in Wandsworth0-Levels and A-Levels
1976The Queen's College, OxfordBSe Physics
1980CERNBuilt ENQUIRE System
1989CERNDeveloped Hypertext and WWW
1991CERNBuilt world's first website





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