Welcome to Whangaroa Houseboats

At Whangaroa Houseboats we want to tell you about a great opportunity to take your family and friends for an unforgettable trip aboard the 'Maple Leaf', on one of Northland's most beautiful harbours. In this website you will find information about the Maple Leaf, the cost of hiring and also learn about a few of the attractions to be experienced at Whangaroa

If you're looking for an unforgettable holiday experience in Northland, NZ then look no further. We offer a unique holiday solution which lets you live onboard and explore the beautiful Whangaroa Harbour and escape...

Come try a Houseboating Holiday!

As everyone knows 'messing about in boats' is fun. Fishing, diving and sailing are just a few of many reasons to get afloat - now there's houseboating! Houseboating is the perfect means of accessing all this fun and relaxation, surrounded by Whangaroa's natural beauty, yet still enjoying all the comforts of home.

A Houseboat - the holiday house afloat! - more space than a pleasure boat and more versatile than a waterfront house. Houseboats are user friendly - if you can drive a car you’ll find it easy and fun to operate. Click here to find out more about the Maple Leaf.

Houseboats provide a base for lifestyle activities - bring your own craft and raft up to you're houseboat as the mothership. Go

and your floating accommodation's right there! No need to pack up and drive home!

Sit back in the lounge and enjoy the view or fish, dive and swim from your doorstep! Cook your catch on the handy BBQ or use the spacious kitchen. Row ashore and spend some time exploring and then back to your home on the water. Relax onboard for the evening or be whisked away to a waterfront restaurant for first class dining.

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Whangaroa Harbour

Whangaroa Harbour the 'Jewel of the North' - A singular and beautifully romantic place

Whangaroa Harbour is an untapped unspoiled natural resource for rest and relaxation. Its calm waters, surrounded by majestic scenery are the perfect environment for the relaxed holiday getaway that houseboating provides. With tranquil waters and majestic fiordesque scenery towering bluffs, unique rock formations and vertical cliff faces protruding through steep forested shores.

It's a very special place of escape far from the 'madding crowd'.Here are just some things to enjoy in New Zealand's most beautiful harbour:

  1. Fabulous scenery
  2. sheltered white sand bays
  3. diving
  4. camping
  5. fishing