May 2018

The random family

Upon being reminded to use the toilet after waking up, my four-year-old was thoroughly dismayed: “You mean I’m going to have to go potty every day for the rest of my life?!”

Although my daughter wasn’t much of a bowler, when her friend’s bowling team was down a player, my daughter agreed to fill in. “So how’d you do?” I asked a few days later. She rattled off her scores: “One sixty, one sixty-seven, and one fifty-five.” “Wow! That’s great.” “No! One game sixty, one sixty-seven, one fifty-five.” Ruth Saarela, Garden City, Michigan.

Mr Sheepy

Heres why i hate mr sheepy
  1. Hes annoying
  2. Baaaas to much
  3. Hes ugly
  4. Got no fingers
Heres why i like mr sheepy