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Hi I am the owner of this page and my name is Tia and welcome on this page is all about beautiful sunsets!
What people like about sunsets
  1. They are super pretty!
  2. They are really great to take pictures as the background
  3. They are always super nice to look at if your having a bad day or something

  4. Did you know that the sun isn't actually seating because how can it set if the sun stays in the same spot so actually the globe is turning half the world around so it can be time to go to sleep well the other half is waking up and getting ready to go to work or school.

    are sunsets the same as sunrise?

    No they actually aren't because sunrise is when the globe is turning over and the people who just had night time are now having day time! And sunset is when there day is going and its telling them that it's almost time to go to bed