June 2018


Sidecar racing is a sport where it consists of a team of two people and a car modified to a bike with three wheels. There is a world championship for sidecars all over the world and the team thats wins the sidecar world championship are considered the best sidecar team in the world(for that year)heres a picture.

My dad is a sidecar racer himself and has been very successful, becoming a four time New Zealand champion!! The years my dad won the New Zealand sidecar racing championships were 04-05, 13-14, 14-15, 17-18. Surprisingly I was there for all of them, how may you ask because I was in my mums stomach in 2004 and thats what i call the golden year because the golden child was born (me) and my dad won his first New Zealand championship.

Picture of my dad(In the driver seat).

Things I like about Sidecar Racing

  1. My dad races
  2. The community
  3. The big fields of sidecars
  4. Different styles of sidecars
  5. Photos of sidecars

Things I don't like about Sidecar Racing.

  1. The after math of crashes
  2. The crashes
  3. Long drives to get to destinations
  4. Red flags