March 2020

The video game world

Video games are an escape for many or a way to relieve stress from their daily lives, Video games were first created in October of 1958 by a man named William Higinbotham who was a physicist from America. He Since then video games have evolved into big open worlds with millions of opportunities and worlds to explore, We now have big open games with a map that you explore (Adventure games), fast pased shooters in first person and third! The video game world is no doubt something incredible and i would highly advise checking it out and giving it a go.

Through video games you can meet new friends and even reconnect with old friends.

Not all video games have to be about violence.

Here's reasons some dislike video games

  1. Some believe it causes violence which has been proven to be false
  2. Because they're BOOMERS

Here's why I like Video games