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march 2020

hunter family

All of my family come from New Zealnd expept from my little sister makenzie she is ht eaussie of the family . many years ago my family went to aussie for a few weeks and disided that there 2 month old daughter me and 1 year old son my brother would move to aussie permanatly.after 7 years they dicided to movce bak to N.Z when we moved back we had a cuple of editions to the fam my little sisterer and my little brother had grown up a bit. i had noone and i have only jut found my place in carterton and we moving in 3 weeks which is going to be so fun . my lirrle sister has one thing ahead fo her that she is going to have a big suprise to and that is her new school. i think she will have alot of fun at her new school and her and my younger brother taylin will have alot of fun qand they will make new friends so easy that thry will have more friends than me in no time .

my family

the hunters

Here's why i love my family

  1. they all love me
  2. take there time to listen to me
  3. awesome at xbox
  4. love doing the dishes

Here's what me and my family do togeteher