March 11th

The Griffin Family

All of my family come from New Zealand. Many years ago, my grandparents used to be famous Hollywood stars. They were in 1 film and my family was the richest in Hollyoak. Sadly, Grandad Griffin was an idiot and he gambled everything away. Now we live in a shoebox in New Zeland.

One day my mother found a magic red rose and she was able to make beautiful gardens with it. She was the gardener for the Queen of New Zealand, The King of Marzipan and the President of Gotham City in the South Island. Everyone from far and wide came to look at her gardens and she made so much money we graduated from a shoe box to a fridge carton.

Aniaml Alert

Things got tight in the fridge carton when my sister brought Brian home.


Here's why I hate Brian

  1. He smells
  2. Takes too much room up
  3. Useless at Xbox
  4. Refuses to do the dishes

Here's why I like Brian