March 2020

Cats and Dogs

This page is all about Cats and having them as pets.

Cats and dogs are probably the most popular pets to have around the house, Cats are a bit easier to look after though. I have 2 cats and a dog at home so i can definatley say dogs are harder to look after. Cats clean themselves but on the other hand dogs can be smelly and you have to bathe them. Cats always seem to entertain themselves a lot if your busy but with dogs comes a lot more responseability. You have to walk dogs at least once or twice a week, or maybe even every day if you can. Some cats even sleep most the day (and i know that because one of my cats is very lazy). Even though dogs are harder to look after, they can still be very fun, cute and loyal. Everyone seems to ask which is better: a dog or cat? But in my opinion its both. You cant compare them because they are completely different animals but they are both cute and cuddly.

A few cool things

There are many different breeds of dogs and cats, and they are all different and very cute, Here are just a few breeds

A few cat breeds i love

  1. A persian (my sister has a persian, she is adorable)
  2. A bengal (i love bengals and really wanted one but they are quite expensive)
  3. A maine coon
  4. A sphynx cat
  5. A ragdoll

And there are plenty more cat breeds, those are just some of my favourites

A few dog breeds I love

  1. Schnauzer (thats what my dog is, well he is part schnauzer)
  2. Pug
  3. French bulldog
  4. Labrador
  5. Border Collie
  6. Poodle

There are heaps more dog breeds, those are just some random ones

This is a persian

This is a bengal

This is a miniture Schnauzer

This is a french bulldog