Facts and my opinions on dogs

dogs are amazing smart and adorable creatures.

there are over 339 breeds of dogs worldwide, they are usually sorted into groups depending on their speed and their strength as some dogs are strong but slower than other dogs but some dogs are faster than most but arent as strong. Dogs are very smart creatures and can learn very easily if you use the right methods, it takes a lot of patience to teach a dog a trick but with enough work you could easily teach your dog anything as long as it is not hurting itself in the process. Female dogs are better at defending one person or a couple of people due to the dogs maternal instincts where as male dogs are better at guarding property because of their territorial instinct, despite them already having a natural instinct to protect, you should always train them properly if you are going to use them in that way.

my opinions on dogs

Here's why I like dogs

  1. theyre adorable
  2. they come in different shapes and sizes
  3. they can be your friend
  4. if you train them right they can protect you

Here's why I dont like dogs

  1. they can get smelly sometimes
  2. they are sometimes hard to train
  3. if you dont treat them right they can hurt you badly