The Creator of Dark Deception

Glowstick Entertainment

Glowstick Entertainment (previously known as Glowstick Games) is a small group of people working on horror games. They are best known for developing Dark Deception. They also have their own website.(Go check it out)


According to their "Meet the Team" videos, the Dark Deception team primarily consists of four people.

Vince Livings - Game Designer

Pen Livings - Texture Artist

Nikson Sita - Programmer and Lighting Artist

Dan Dombrowsky - Soundtrack Composer

As of June 20, a new member has joined the crew. According to one of the developer's tweets, they have worked on games such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Ratatouille, Broken Age. They will animate all of Bierce's cutscene animations.


Glowstick Entertainment was originally founded by Vince Livings and Mark Henderson as Glowstick Games. They released the pre-alpha demo of Dark Deception in March of 2014 and was developed in Unity. The premiered the game in many events, in which they received positive reviews. The alpha-demo of the game was released on January 16, 2015.

Later, a Kickstarter page for the game was opened. A trailer for the game was posted there, which said that the complete game would be finished around April 2015. However, there are two reasons why the game couldn't be complete. The first one is that the head of the company, Mark Henderson, had an argument with the other member Vince Livings, resulting in them splitting up. The second reason was not enough money being collected for the game's finished project.

In October 2017, Vince met Nikson Sita and restarted the game development in Unreal Engine 4.

Other Games

Glowstick Entertainment has released another game titled Farmocalypse (originally titled Dead Acres, changed due to copyright issues) which was released on November 24, 2015.

A crossover stand-alone game between Dark Deception and Yandere Simulator titled "Ayano's Lovesick Labyrinth" will be released in after Chapter 4.

A stand-alone game, which is called "Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals", which is the multiplayer game, will be released in 2020.

Some Trivia

Glowstick Entertainment has referenced that after Dark Deception is finished, they will create another game. Not much is known about this game other than that it might come out.

On August 13, Glowstick Entertainment released a modified track of "Drawn to Darkness" from "Bendy And The Ink Machine". According to them, this track was made for if Joey Drew Studios Inc. agreed to give Bendy his own DLC level. This agreement was declined shortly afterward.

Social Accounts

Facebook: Glowstick Entertainment

Twitter: @glowstickentmt

Instagram: glowstickentertainment

Youtube: Glowstick Entertainment


Vince Livings

"...as a designer, I think everything in my life helps shape my ideas; from the places I've been to, to the people I've met, to things that I've seen and experienced have all contributed to developing these ideas..."

Said By Vince Livings

Vincent "Vince" Livings is the head of Glowstick Entertainment and the lead creator of Dark Deception.

As the representative of the team, Vince is also responsible for hosting monthly Q&A livestreams, showcasing members of the team, and announcing upcoming game content.

Not much is knowen about Vince at this time but of you want to see more about him here is his "Meet The Team" video and go checkout the Glowstick Youtube Chanell to see his Live Q&A Live Streams

Nikson Sita

All we know about Nikson Sita at this momment in time is that he is the programmer and the lighting artist for dark deception but is also knowen for making a handful of five nights at freddy's fanmade games including Joy Of Creation: Story Mode and Those Nights at Rachel's all avalible on game jolt (go check him out, link at social page)

Pen Livings

Like most of the group there is not muck knowen about this person exept for that she is the co-founder and art directorfor this game.

Dan Dombrowsly

Unlike everyone else, There are some things knowen about Dan so here is all the information we know at this point in time

Dan Dombrowsky is a composer, and multi-instrumentalist, who composes music for Dark Deception, Ayano's Lovesick Labyrinth, Monsters & Mortals and other games related to Dark Deception. He made the Dark Deception soundtracks for Chapter 2, 3 and 4.


This can be found on his Website

L.A.-based DANIEL DOMBROWSKY is a film / TV / video game composer and songwriter with over 20 years of music industry experience.

From making noise in neighborhood garage-bands to headlining clubs; from working side by side with legends of music to being a record label exec, Daniel has explored every corner of the industry and brings that breadth of experience to every project.

On any given day, Daniel can be found in his LA studio talking to his dog Moe, and creating the unique sound of different hit TV series such as “The Carbonaro Effect”, “South Beach Tow”, “Big Easy Justice” and “On The Rocks”.

In addition to writing for TV and trailers, he works closely with visionary filmmakers and game designers to create the sounds of their narrative worlds. Recent projects include “The Ningyo”, “The Green Ruby Pumpkin” (Miguel Ortega), “Ink & Steel”, “Predatory” (Patrick Ward-Perkins & Jonathan Ehlers), “Northfield” (Cameron Schwartz) and “Dead Acres” (Glow Stick Games).

In the advertising realm, Daniel has also crafted the soundscapes of various ad campaigns, including Oyster.com, Renaissance Day Of Discovery 2015, the Marriot Mobile App and the 2016 Tongal Award nominated song for the International Delight campaign.


Studio Albums

Ink & Steel - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Released on February 3, 2017

Dark Deception: Chapters 1-3 (Original Soundtrack) - Released on Febuary 25, 2019

Dark Deception: Chapter 4 (Original Soundtrack) - Released on January 31, 2020


All Done (EP) - Released on August 14, 2017



Twitter: @VincentLivings

Instagram: @vincelivings

Youtube: Glowstick Vince

Twitch: GlowstickVince

Nikson Sita

Twitter: @Nikson_Dev

Gamejolt Page: @Nikson_Official

Side Games Created By Nikson

Those Nights at Rachel's

Those Nights at Rachel's 2 | Reloaded

The Joy Of Creation: Story Mode

The Joy Of Creation: Halloween Edition

Dan Dombrowsky

Twitter: @DombrowskyMusic

Instagram: @dombrowskymusic