Duncan Hodgson



Im also interested in rugby, flying planes, alot of different movies, teaching my childeren new things and taking them to different places. And most inportantly my interest for the army. I am interested in alot of things which are free running, coding websites, building computers & building plastic models of vehicles. I would love to work on a farm when i get a bit older.


I watch my daughters netball game every saturday morning and later i take my son to his rugby game and watch that, i also watch the game that night with my friends. Every now and then i also like to go to the shooting range with my mate and practice shooting, as i also love to go hunting during the weekends. I have many hobbies which include running, working out, swimming, developing software, going fishing. I also love making plastic model of vehicles. Another thing i like to do in my spare time is playing video games, going out with my family, going for a drive out in the back roads. I also love sports.