Hats, what are they?

Hats. Simplistic by nature, but with time and thought they can be a main staple style of yourself. Some people wear hats for protection from heat and cold, some do it to seem normal even when on the inside they are no where near ordinary, or they want to flex their $1000 Gucci cap, for some reason people buy that. Hats are everywhere and are very useful. Many people across the world wear beanies every day no matter the climate or matter, as its apart of their personality and person.

History of hats

Hats have been worn for thousands of years, a 30,000 year old figurine depicts a woman wearing a woven hat, however the earliest confirmed hats were during the bronze age, when a man found frozen in a mountain in italy. He had been frozen there since 3250 BC. In the 1800's hats rised in popularity with the creation of hats like the straw hats, top hats and bowler hats. In the 1980s flamboyant hats came back in to popularity, and hats have been popular ever since. The Fedora is a interesting example of hats as it was made between 1920s and 1950s when they were worn by and associated with gangsters, like Al Capone.

Hats being shown as art and fashion