(T)Hats the Facts

  • In the 19th Century umpires in baseball wore Top Hats
  • There once was a law where people over the age of 7 must wear a cap on certain days
  • The man to first wear a top hat was arrested for scaring people due to his hat
  • Fedoras was a womans hat before turning into a mens hat as well
  • The dunce cap was believed to funnel gods knowledge into the person wearing it
  • Though most people think that Vikings wore horned helmets, in reality they never did
  • Hard Hats have different colors depending on the person, for example Yellow is for construction workers while something like orange and pink is for visitors
  • Those who sell mens hats are called Hatters
  • In 1920s America is was custom to beat up those who wore Straw Hats after 15th of September

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