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Many years had passed since the fall of Olympus, *Check Kratos (Young) Page* Kratos had moved on into Norse Mythology, with Thor, Odin, Frigg, etc. With this, Kratos leaves his past life behind and tries to start a new life. He marrys a woman named Faye and have a son named Atreus, named after a Spartan friend Kratos had. Kratos would everyday go out into the forest to challenge himself, not just his strength, but also his anger. Most days, he would fail and rage got him to be brutal. But overtime, he would learn to channel the anger, and live a normal life.

Though years later, Faye passes, and Kratos and Atreus are left. Faye had only one wish... To send her ashes to the highest peak of all the Nine realms. So Kratos uses her old Leviathan Axe, a Frost axe that would return to him after a throw like Mjolnir and trains Atreus to see if he is ready for the journey to the mountain. However, anger lets him get in the way, and loses control. Kratos, seeing this as a reminder of his past, tells Atreus that he is not ready. Kratos had not told Atreus about his past, so he trys his hardest to make sure Atreus doesn't become the man Kratos used to be.

Though later, a stranger that feels no pain comes to their home and attacks Kratos, Kratos wins, but learns their home is unprotected, and so he gets Atreus and starts the journey for the mountain. They find many people along the way, such as the 2 brothers that made Thor's hammer, Brok and Sindri and The Witch of the Woods (Later revealed to be the goddess Freya.) When they finally make it to the mountain, they see the Stranger who attacked earlier, now alive, along with the sons of Thor, Magni and Modi. They were talking to Mimir, the all knowing, and stuck in a tree for over 100 years. When the Trio leave, Kratos and Atreus come on top of the mountain, Mimir reveals to them that the highest peak of the realms is not in Midgard, but in Yotunheim, the realm of the Giants. Mimir then tells him the giant wall behind them is the last door to Yotunheim and they would need a type of key to find it, located in a certain icy area in Midgard. So then Mimir agrees to let Kratos cut off his head, and become re-animated as only a head with the help of Freya.

Kratos and Atreus find it, but are then stood against Magni and Modi, Kratos kills Magni, and an injured Modi retreats. When they get the key, they go back and try to rune it with the abilities to open hidden doors/walls. When they try to do it, they are ambushed by Modi. When Atreus fights back, he ends up getting rage fueled, just like how Kratos was in his past, then goes unconscious, Kratos, in rage, finishes off Modi, but ends up retreating again. Mimir tells Kratos that Atreus is sick and they need Freya's help. Kratos carries Atreus to the home of Freya, and she tells Kratos that his past has made him sick and cursed and that she needs the heart of the Bridge-keeper of Helheim to heal him. Hel is a realm of cold, and his Leviathan Axe would be useless, and he needs something else... And so Kratos returns home to "Dig up a past he promised would stay buried." He re-claims the Blades Of Chaos, and brings them along the way to Helheim. After taking the Bridge-keeper's heart, Kratos sees an illusion of Zeus, Kratos' father, not long after, Mimir finds out that he's been dangling off the hip of the Ghost of Sparta. Kratos tells Mimir that he cannot tell Atreus about his Godhood, Mimir disagrees, but decides not to tell Atreus.

After Atreus is healed, Kratos decides to tell Atreus that he is a god from a far away place and that Atreus is also a god because of being the Prodigy of Kratos. They head back to the Runing place and finally rune it. After doing so, they head back to the mountain to open the gate to Jotunheim, but is then met with a heavily injured Modi. Modi says that Thor blamed him for the death of Magni, but then Atreus stabs Modi on the neck, and kicks him off a cliff, killing him. Kratos gets mad and tells Atreus that there are consequences to killing a god, but Atreus doesn't listen. When they finally get to the top of the mountain, They use the key to open the gate to Youtunheim, but are then ambushed by Baldur.

If you want to find out the rest of the story, just play the game for yourself, or check out a youtube video.


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