How to iron a shirt


Fill the iron with both tap water and distilled water at a 1:1 ratio to avoid clogging and corrosion.

Wait for the iron to reach temprature. A non-wrinkled shirt needs a lower temprature and a cotton shirt needs a hotter temprature.

Lay the collar flat on the ironing board and press starting from th edges moving inwards. Repeat on other side.

Place the sleeves on the board with both sides together flat and iron the backside of shirt and the shoulders.

If your ironing a long sleeve shirt do the cuffs next, they sholud be done in a similar way to the collar, starting at the edges and go inwards.

Lay one sleeve flat and press carefully. Make sure you iron in one direction and away from where you are holding it down.

Position the frontside of the shirt on the square side of the ironing board and iron from the bottom going up to the collar. Repeat on the inside of the shirt then on the other body panel

Hang the freshly pressed shirt