The Purpose

The purpose of this website is to educate the poor souls of the world who have a lack of information regarding the esteemed creature known as the European badger.

On this momentous journey, you will first learn of the history of the glorious European badger, then of amusing European badger facts, and finally you will be given a snippet of the daily life of Walter, the esteemed lord of the European badgers. This website is intended to be entertaining, so please do not take anything you read on this website as fact unless proven elsewhere.

Walter the badger in his prime.
RIP Walter the Great 2021-2021.
Walter the badger as a child.
Young Walter.

And now, for a brief description of the other pages.

The History Page

In the history page, you will be enlightened on the history of the glorious badger, from the badger's evolution, to it's previous habitats, to it's first ancestors.

The Fun Facts Page

In the fun facts page, you will learn fun facts about all kinds of badger, such as how the honey badger is resistant to snake venom, and how the badger is the state animal of Wisconsin.

Walter's Life Page

In the page about Walter's life, you will learn the life story of the majestic leader of the badgers, the sadly recently deceased Walter the Great.