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About my gallery:

This is a photo gallery made by me, Jorja. I have taken all the photos that you see on the home page. Some are from around my home, some are from swimming meets I have been to and some are from around NZ and AUS. Photography is a real interest for me as I love capturing certain moments and I seem to have an eye for it. I take photos almost everywhere I go. Whether it's at the beach, while on holiday or with friends, I always seem to find something that I want to take a photo of.

Sunsets/sunrises are one of my favourites, along with birds. This is because there is no perfect image and sometimes luck and patience gives you the best photo. Whenever I capture a decent photo I'm always excited to share it with friends and family. My parents are always egar to give me things to take photots of and are then excited to see the photo or photos I get. I enjoy looking at others photos as they inspire me to keep an eye out for moments that need capturing.