Wairarapa College

Welcome to Maunga Tapu (local mountains). This website will be discussing the history of the local mountains present in New Zealand and used to represent college houses at Wairarapa College.
The following mountains will be discussed:

These mountains are used to represent the houses of Wairarapa College. Students are engaged in house competitions to earn points for their respective house. These points are accumulated over the course of the year from various activities such as:

These are only a few examples of whole house competitions. There are many other ways that a student can earn points for the house but these are just and example of a few. As these houses are named after local mountains we should be able to find out about what each mountain means and represents. This website will allow people to read what stories revolve around each of the local mountains.

The image below shows where each mountain is on the map.

Wairarapa Mountains