Drink bottle water measurer

This is the website to the Drink bottle theat automatically measure the amount of water you drink

About the Drink Bottle

This drink bottle is made so that you the user can know how much water you drink in a day a week, or even a year. You can even compare how much you drink to you friends and family. By using this drink bottle you can see if your drink enough water. The drink bottle uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the amount of water in the bottle it then sends the information to this website where you can see the data.

You do not have to worry about getting the tech inside wet because it is made to be safely protected from water, the bottle is made so it is an easy clean so you water can stay fresh. You do not must use water you can put any think that’s drinkable inside, the bottle will not know that it is not water, but you are only meant to drink 2L of any drink not just, water so not matter want drink it is the bottle will measure it.

The bottle

the bottle is an easy use drink bottle, made so the user, you can use this drink bottle like any other drink bottle.