Fish in NZ

Things you need to fish

Safety equipment=Life Jackets,Warm clothes,VHF radio,Cellphone,Hat,Sunscreen,Boat bag— Flares, EPIRB,First aid kit

Fishing equipment=Rod,Reel,Fishing line (braid or mono),Trace,Ice,Chilly bin,Fish measurer,Net,Gaff,Gimbal belt,Gloves (optional),Iki spike,Knife and/or pliers,Bait (live and/or dead),Berley

Tackle box with=Hooks,Sinkers,Swivels,Flasher rigs,Lures (optional),Softbaits and jigheads(optional),Sabikis (optional)

Best time to fish NZ

The sun will rise at 06:54 am and sets at 05:44 pm while the moon rises at 04:16 pm and sets at 02:52 am. Best fishing times are indicated by the four so lunar periods of high feeding activity. The two major so lunar periods last for two hours or more and normally produce best results.