Duck Guy

Duck Guy

Duck, Duck Guy, or Bird Guy, is dark green in complexion and one of the main members of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared along with Red Guy and Yellow Guy. He seems to be the second most intelligent out of the trio, capable of forming complex ideas about the concept of time. However, his intelligence seems to vary between subjects, for example, he mistakes a butterfly for a "pesky bee" in their song "Love".

He appears to enjoy eating (raw) chicken and eggs, even though he is a duck, and is also very talkative, arguably the most talkative among the three friends. He also appears to be interested in technology, as seen in their 4th song labeled "Computers".

Sadly, He dies at the end of their 5th song labeled "Food", out of a tragic accident where he was turned into canned food and Yellow Guy accidentally ate him. Luckily, when Red Guy was able to go back in time he was able to bring duck back.


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