How to Design a Website

Designing a website using C.R.A.P.


Repetition is defined as to “repeat styles down the page for a cohesive feel”. We like to say that the more you use similar styles and elements the more comfortable the user feels understanding and interacting with your design. By using repeating styles you create usability, trust, and ultimately action.

In this example of, you see that the informational panels all have the same style. The typography (text), buttons, and side-view photo of the coolers all share a similar style. By repeating the panels a user can easily choose based on the content alone without distracting design differences between each product options. This is a great example of repetition.

Things to consider

  • Proximity creates meaning
  • Elements that are alike should be grouped
  • Items that are different should be kept apart
  • The more spacing elements the clearer the difference
  • More spacing means LESS connection in elements
  • Clear separation makes navigating a website easier
  • Labels should be next to images they are naming or describing.
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