Every tramping Death, Injury or Rescue was caused by people being UN-prepared

NZ has some of the most dangerous yet beautiful bush in the world which causes people to under estimate what it is capable of.

There are to many UN-prepared NZ and overseas tourist people who go out into the bush thinking that they have enough supplies. On a yearly average there are 5 deaths, 500 rescues and over 4000 injuries. The most common death is hypathermia, this is simply because people get lost or try to get out of the bush and the weather dramatically changes. These are all easily avoidable by just simply packing a little bit extra or getting rid of UN-necessary equipment.

Every single person who wishes to go for a walk in the bush must at least know the area carry very well by map, a first aid kit, a compass, survival blanket, map, two days extra food and water and give a day by day set of instructions on what you will be doing to a family member or friend who knows where and what you are doing. I also strongly advise caring an EPIRB, flares and going with another person that way if it comes to it one of you can can patch the other one up then go and get help.

What to pack