Every person that goes in the NZ bush can easily find food

NZ has some of the most dangerous yet beautiful bush in the world and has many food sources both for vegetarians or omnivores.

There are to many UN-prepared people in the NZ bush everday walking around starving. It is a very simple task if you know what and where to do it.

Every single person who wishes to go for a walk in the bush must at least know what they can and can't eat in our wilderness. There are many eatable and poisonousness food sources in our bush the main thing is knowing the difference. Hunting big game like deer and pigs are not always the only food source fish and "veges" can be found nearly under ever rock in the remote parts of the NZ bush. This video makes it look easy, this is not the preferable way to find food for the average city slicker but if you were hungry it would suffice.

Bush food (contains dead animals and the occasional "f bomb")