Everyone loves the great NZ outdoors.

NZ has some of the most dangerous yet beutiful bush in the world. Some of us are lucky enough to live here full time and few of those people have the required skills to survive in the bush.

There are to many un-prepared NZ and overseas tourist people who go out into the bush thinking that they have enough supplies. On a yearly average there are 5 deaths, 500 rescues and over 4000 injuries. The most common death is hypathermia, this is simply because people get lost or try to get out of the bush and the weather dramaticaly changes. The main problem here is by the time the person is reported missing it is all ready to late to find and save them from the cold.

These deaths are easily avoidable, all that would've been needed is some more food, clothing and an epirb. An epirb is an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. Once this is set off after two minutes a family member will recive a call asking if the location of the beacon sounds about right and how long has the person been gone. They cost about 600 dollars but it is worth it if it saves you or your mates life.

The great NZ outdoors