Fun Facts

And now, for some delightful facts about the superior animal, the badger.

The Daschund

I know what you're thinking. This is a badger website, not a daschund website. Well, you'd be right. To be honest, I don't know how he got here. But the daschund is relevant. They were actually bred to hunt badgers. In fact, Daschund in German translates to 'badger hound'.

A dachshund
The Dachshund, or 'Badger Hound'
A badger hiding from a dachshund.
A badger hiding from the dachshund.


Badgers are generally nocturnal, and do most of their hunting in the evening. They are usually carnivorous, eating small mammals like gophers, birds, lizards, squirrels and insects. The Eurasian badger favours earthworms, but also eats rabbits and hedgehogs.

American badgers are usually solitary animals, but will team up with other animals to hunt prey if it benefits them. One of these animals is the coyote. The coyote will chase down the prey while the badger prevents the prey from hiding in its tunnels.

Honey Badger Don't Care

Honey badgers are extremely aggressive. If a honey badger thinks their mate is threatened, they respond with force, and have the ability to back it up. They have loose skin that is thick and rubbery, and even if a bee sting or a snake bite does get through it, they have a resistance to venom that lets them recover quickly.