Walter's Life

Young Walter

Walter was born a long time ago, to his badger parents. He was, to put it nicely, a grumpy child. He never wanted to play with the other badger children, he never did his chores and was always complaining that his brother got more worms at dinnertime than he did. It got so bad that by the time he was 5, his parents sent him to boarding school, and he returned 3 years later, having been expelled for excessive grumpyness.

A baby badger lying on some grass.
Baby Walter relaxing.

Walter's Routine

On an average day, Walter will be awake for around 14 hours (he needs his beauty sleep). He spends the first hour getting up, getting dressed and eating breakfast. Then he brushes his teeth, and goes out for his morning jog. He jogs for half an hour, then returns home for a nap. After his nap, he reads a book for an hour, then has a simple lunch of grubs and worms. After lunch, he goes into town to meet his friends at the park for a catch-up and a gossip, and then stops by the store on the way home to buy some more grubs for dinner.